Soul nutritionist and quidnunc.

Soul might be one of the best concepts around. And as a logodaedalus, them’s mighty strong words. It connotes the sprit, the animated self, one’s psyche, energy, psychic persona. It also serves as a synonym for embodiment and personification. The quintessence. It refers to one of the greatest musical genres (next to bluegrass of course). And it is what, I respectfully submit, so many people look to to replenish and quench and fortify. Either through religion, exercise, music, the arts and, sadly, drugs, alcohol and intoxicants. The country’s starved for soul nutrition.

A quidnunc asks “What now?” He’s a gossip, a newsmonger (c.f. news junkie). Insatiable in wanting to know what’s current. Irrespective of who benefits or suffers.

At just north of the half century mark I was hit with the tenable and actual and recorded evidence that my lifestyle and eating schedule were not-so-slowly killing me. Certainly jump-started by genetic predilection and propensity and evinced by a horrid Cardiac CT Angiography and Calcium Score, while some people’s bodies were temples mine was a pool hall.

And I became a vegan. And not only that, but a latter day disciple of the absolute fact that the medical profession had nothing to offer when it came to lifestyle and attitude and nutrition. And how I loathed the purveyors of purity, those holier-than-thou nutrition types who made my skin crawl with their pedantic finger wagging and know-it-all protestations and proselytizing.

Well, I’m here to change that. And with eating differently there should be the difference in how we think. Cognitive relativity, baby. All without religion, doxy, adulterants or delusion. Grain-fed logic and free-range critical thinking.